The Last QW Cup - 6v6

The Last QW Cup - 6on6 written by rUBBEN, 3 years, 8 months ago

The goal and motivation of this cup is to bring the ETQW 6on6 action to the community for the last time.

That's why we want every match to get casted!
Please take care that you don't start your match without the casters being ready or TV not running!

First round: now - 3rd Nov
Second round: 3rd Nov - 17th Nov

Confirmed match dates:
A bas le capitalisme vs team krank - 24.10 Thursday 21:00 CET
NA Mix vs Oldfrags - Saturday, 2 November at 19:00 CET/2 PM Eastern
biAtch! vs ZUBR 2.0 - 3.11. Sunday 21:00 CET
axe vs Team Arrogant - Saturday Nov. 9th at 21:00 CET (11AM PST)
NA Mix vs. A bas le capitalisme. Sunday 17h at 20:00 CET (2 PM EST)
ZUBR 2.0 vs Team Arrogant. Sunday Nov. 17th at 20:00 CET
Team Axe versus ZUBR 2.0 confirmed for Sunday at 20:00 CET (2 PM EST - 10 AM PST)
team krank vs. biAtch!- Saturday Nov. 23th at 20:00 CET (2 PM EST) | Casters needed!
ZUBR 2.0 vs. axe and Team Arrogant vs. NA Mix, both Sunday Nov. 24th at 20:00 CET (2 PM EST)

Match details
- 6on6 (Clanbase 6on6 rules)
- Double elimination, so every team has at least 2 chances to play!
- Brackets will be created randomly via cc.tourney, so no team can complain about getting rated too low or too high
- Bo3 for all rounds, except the final
- Final will be Bo5, whereas the team from the winner bracket starts the match with 2:0
Winner bracket team has to win 2 matches and the team from the loser bracket 3 matches to win the overall final.
- Each team chooses a map of their choice, the server (NA or EU) and also decides whether to attack or defend first
- Decider map, if required an admin will do a coin toss - the winner decides the side
- You can play the same map twice! (Example for the first round: Valley, Valley and decider: Valley)
- Decider maps are given for the all rounds, except for the final!

Special cases:
- Server crashes, the round has to be played again!
- Bug: Server will crash when the explosive blows up at exactly 0:00 - round has to be played again!
- Double fullhold on decider map - a 4th map has to be played with objective rule

Map pool:
Sewer, Refinery, Ark, Salvage, Volcano, Island, Area22, Valley (skip_MCP)

Decider maps:
1. round: Valley
2. round: Sewer
3. round: Island

*Rules can be changed at any time if necessary!*

- Joining the match server during the match is forbidden and will result in a kick by an admin, we set up a TV server for you to watch!
- You can add up to 12 players to your line-up
- Only players written in this post/in your line-up are allowed to play (I will add them immediately!)
- Player switching is allowed, though after the round not during
Only 1 player can be switched per round
- Demos can be requested at any time, you must record and keep them!
- NO glitching!

Match and TV servers:
Feel free to use them for practise or testing purposes!

EU servers:
1. LoOL match server:
LoOL TV server:
2. Mustang's GB Server #1: - Currently not working
Mustang's GB TV Server #1:
3. Mustang's GB Server #2: - Currently not working
Mustang's GB TV Server #2:

NA servers:
4. TAW|Artists of the Battlefield|NA Hamster:

Teamspeak for shoutcast (provided by Stupidoz):
Channel: "Shoutcast"

Rex, Gvardman, rUBBEN


1. place: e-handshake for all team mates with Khamul
2. place: e-handshake for 1 person with Khamul


Team Arrogant - (j4b, Samurai, Deathy, Kordin, chump, Rex, jopjop, ab-norm, onyx, lausl, zero)
ZUBR 2.0 - (Khamul, Ted, Animal, Karpax, Bushdoctor, Kox, Edzio, Fiction, Hydrium, delissimo)
NA Mix - (Darth_balls, ExquisitExamplE, FencingMaster, Jakoby, mbiii, nemesis1415, todbot, _Wizard_, Deathkamp)
axe - (alphabeta, SuperViking, JohnGalt, G4rb4ge, Hillbilly, SchmeeCow, Acekiller, ADS913, Mujin)
biAtch! - (Chris, you_is_me, Dopefish90, Gvardman, murka, SDStylez, percru, Violater, Shifty, Mustang, Ashog, Seanza, the_real_fzl)
team krank - (caliber, outlavv, cloudhalo, ashark, skyblues, GIT, Riddicki, slimFit, Tabu.Name, Ezekiel, Disney, Tom)
A bas le capitalisme - (rUBBEN, sickboogie, winnie, Snotling, Tirok, clepech, axter, 6pak, StupidoGoblin, Lamorteguet)
Oldfrags - (Draelor, SnaKe, Wiser, Protey, agento, Fin1, xGREYx)